Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Morning in Statesville

Last night, we had dinner at Maestro's restaurant downtown Statesville.  The Mojito steak was incredible - flank steak, marinated in a mojito preparation - cinnamon, cumin, cayenne rub and properly grilled.

We were too late for the Billy Scott and the Prophets beach music show in downtown, but we did determine that Statesville is a great town.  We rode through beautiful old homes on tree lined boulevards, and downtown seemed fairly vibrant.

It is around 5:45 and today's ride goes from Statesville to Thomasville, billed as 64 miles, and the terrain is becoming a bit flatter.

The two days leading up to today have been around 62 miles each, counting the distance to the hotel.  Each day has been over 4000 feet of elevation ascent, making for a good workout and considerable rejoicing as we see the hotel sign!

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