Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Post Election Thoughts

An Open Letter To America's Mainstream Media:

Dear NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, and National Print Media:

Congratulations, you did it! Through your persistence and diligence, you facilitated the election of the 44th president of the United States of America. He might have been elected on his own, but neither he nor we will ever know. According to research by the Center for Media and Public Affairs, your coverage was so biased, that no one from the other side could have overcome it.

So, there you go! You feel like you know what plan is best for us, and you clearly have enough power to effect it. We wait with bated breath, as you direct the next chapter in our nation’s history.

Will it include weakening of our military and our strength as a world leader? Will you promote a shift toward the socialistic policies of the European countries you wish us to emulate? Will we lose our entrepreneurial spirit as we see our free market system disappear? And what about our trade policies, will we enter an era of isolation and protectionism? Will our medical system become a National Health Care system? Will new carbon policies bankrupt every energy company? What about tax policy?

Just what are your plans for the New Age America? I hope you have carefully thought out your strategies for our country, because, for now, the cookie is in your hand. For goodness sake, please don’t break it!


Ken Maness
Kingsport, TN

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